Feature Request: Email-specific views

One feature I would love to see added to DTTG is an email-specific view that does a better job showing email metadata of messages in a folder/tag.

I am experimenting with archiving many of my emails in DTPO so that I can keep a synchronized copy accessible in DTTG. Although DTTG is great at displaying the content of email messages, it is not good at showing useful information about email messages whens listing the contents of a folder/tag. Because of this, it is extremely cumbersome to locate emails. For example, here’s one folder in my database the contains nothing but emails:

They are sorted in descending chronological order (i.e., newest emails first), but because DTTG doesn’t show the date and truncates the subject field, there isn’t enough information to identify emails. By comparison, here is the same list in Apple Mail on macOS:

It uses up the same amount of horizontal space, but the information density is far higher and much more useful.

I suspect that part of the problem is that DTTG is designed to be a general document organizer that can handle many document formats. And while this generalized nature is fine in most cases, it doesn’t work well with emails, especially folders/tags completely dedicated to emails.

DTTG doesn’t need to become a full-blown email client, but it would be great if there was a separate view that could be assigned to specific folders, or at least selected in the “view options” that was designed around emails.


Thanks for the suggestion. We will consider this for future releases.

Great to hear. :smiley: I should add that similar functionality would be a welcome addition to DTPO as well. It’s easier to work around in DTPO because you can modify the column layout so that it is useable enough with large numbers of emails, but it’s not ideal. An email-oriented layout option on the desktop would be better.

Thanks for considering my feedback. I love DTPO and DTTG!

Glad to hear it. Cheers!

I would second a request for an email-oriented layout option on the desktop. Perhaps should go into another forum area.