Feature request: Exclude file types from indexing

I have seen a couple of questions in the forum. But, I think there is no easy way to exclude some types from the index when a folder is indexed in Devonthink. I am requesting it as a feature.

Latex generates so many auxiliary files that I don’t want to see. I have tried different ways of hiding them. But, none if it really works well. There are a lot of compromises that I don’t want to do. I would have been happier if I could avoid seeing them at least in Devonthink.

it would be nice if Devonthink gives an option for permanently exclude certain types of files (by extension) from indexing.

(and, please don’t suggest some work arounds like smart groups to hide them: i have tried and hated it).

At this time, not much can be done to exclude file types. The technique here might be useful, FWIW

Thank you Korm. This does the trick.