Feature Request - Favorites to display database name in Parenthesis

To the DT team, I have a kind request for an improvement. Whereas one is crazy enough to have multiple databases and then crazier to name the folders with the same name in multiple databases, then adding those like name folders in Favorites makes them indistinguishable. Accordingly, I propose that there be an option to display the database name (and possibly the path), in parenthesis besides the folder name in Favorites.

What do you all think of this idea ?


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Although that sounds quite reasonable, what about the people “crazy enough” (your words) to have identically named subgroups in their groups, putting those in the favorites? Or identically named files in these subgroups…?

You could, for example, give these identically named groups different icons. Or different colors. Would that help?

Actually you can rename favorited items with no effect on the original.


Wow. Learning of the week, and it’s only Monday! I’ve just renamed most my Favorites!


Well, this begs why did I not try this myself! Now, once renamed, is it possible to edit the link ? Or its just delete and start-over ? Super cool nonetheless.