Feature Request: Feedler Pro integration on DTTG

new user here - got DTP and DTTP, both very useful, thanks!
DTTG could be even more useful - I appreciate you have a roadmap development plan already.

I use my iPad to follow my RSS feeds - a huge number of them. Many posts, I’d love to archive straight into DT. Would it be possible to integrate an “open in DTTG” button in Feedler Pro (which I think is a pretty common RSS feed app)? this would be awesome and speed my workflow up massively.


You would need to ask the Feedler Pro folks to add the feature ‘Open in DEVONthink To Go’ to their app. As an alternative, you could always;

a) subscribe to all your RSS feeds in DEVONthink or,
b) save the articles that you want to archive (while in Feedler Pro) to Instapaper, and subscribe to your Instapaper feed in DEVONthink.

Greg, thanks for alerting me to Instapaper - hadn’t heard of that before, and it’s already proved an adequate workaround.

However, I will also drop Feedler a note requesting the integration.