Feature request for devonthink

Is there any way to add more labels? I am all out and could use more.

I wish. DT uses the OS X functionality, with some added benefits (being able to change the colors). I’d dig more possibilities too.

That’s not correct. And therefore a future release might add more labels.

Oh. I misunderstood Bill DeVille when he said in this post that it was a standard OS X feature. All this time I assumed it was impossible :confused:

Christian is always the authority when it comes to the code in DT Pro. He wrote it.

But once in a while I find a trick to do something with the code that he hadn’t thought about – and so do other users. :slight_smile:

That’s because Christian has provided a very deep and rich working environment.

I don’t use labels except as temporary markings of documents while I’m working on a project, and I rarely use more than a couple. But I could extend the logical possibilities of the existing number of label colors by adding State options for each color. That would then provide three searchable logical options for Red-labeled items, for example (Red + No State, Unchecked, Checked). If that’s not enough, I could start adding searchable keywords to the Comment field of my project documents, so that the logical possibilities for tagging documents extend well beyond my capacity to remember or use them. :slight_smile: