Feature request for find window in devonthink

I would like to see some more flexibility in customizing the find window as far as the sizing and choosing of columns. When I am searching for my data the only date column I can sort by is the modified column when what I need to sort by is the created column, plus the name column takes up most of the page and can’t be resized. The fact that you can’t choose which columns to use and their size on the page really limits the ability to drill down to what you really need.

Is this functionality in the works???

I would like to strongly second this. I spent some time today searching for ways to change that behaviour since the online help assures us:

“Columns: This submenu lists all columns available in the current view and allows you to show or hide them individually. Use these options to show exactly the information you currently need.”

Apparently, that is a slight exaggeration, as it only seems to apply to the main window. But like the previous poster, I actually need the date created when looking at the results. While I can sort by it, it would be much better if I could also see it.