Feature Request for XMenu

I know XMenu is a freebie, so it’s probably low on the attention list, but if it helps I have both Devonagent pro and Devonthink pro. Still, this little freebie is one of my favorite an most used apps.

I was wondering if resolving saved searches and displaying them in a menu might someday became a ‘thing.’ I’m a little puzzled that no menu type utility hasn’t done that already. I would love to be able to create a save complicated save search for spot light, then instead of having to open a folder just have the results displayed in a secondary menu. Might even be something I’d pay something for. Anyway, just a thought.

That’s definitely right.

Thanks for the suggestion but to be honest, I do not even use Spotlight/Finder for searching - it’s completely disabled :slight_smile:

So, out of curiosity, what do you use? DEVONsphere?

DEVONsphere Express only for emails which are still in Apple Mail but not that often. Everything else is either in DEVONthink or I know where to find it or EasyFind will find it (e.g. hidden files or files to deinstall an app completely or scan all source codes).

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