Feature request: freeze DB and exclude it from sync


As DTTG offers the ability to keep multiple databases open without downloading all of their contents, I think it would be useful to have an option to mark a database as a ‘storage archive’. This should exclude it from syncing and therefore should ‘freeze’ it for further modifications. Only downloading and purging (individual) content items should be allowed. This way those databases could be left open and be accessible for (re)searching, without constantly having to be scanned for syncing purposes. This would speed up the sync process.

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Thank you for the suggestion! Do you still modify this database on other devices? Otherwise this shouldn’t have a huge impact on the sync performance.


At this point those databases are only open on iPad. When looking at the sync setting, all databases are periodically checked / scanned for changes.

I’ve tried to switch some of them of, but then there’s no connection at all with the local copy. So it’s not possible to download and view individual files.


Disabling the automatic sync might be an option.

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Tried it a couple of times and it seems to be a simple but effective work-around.
It still checks all databases for changes, but less frequently.
Hope to see this feature request implemented some day. For now, thanks for the tip.