Feature request: group databases and remember last databases

Hi all,

For reasons that aren’t clear, I often have to re-open my databases after I close DTP. Sometimes my MacBook crashes (longstanding hardware issue), and DTP reopens without any databases loaded. So I’d like two features that I think would be really nice.

  1. An option to automatically reopen databases that were open previously. I see several older threads about “remember databases”, but they’re 13 years old and seemingly out of date or missing.
  2. The ability to create groups of databases that can be loaded with one click. This becomes less important if DTP would remember what was previously loaded.

I think about wanting this a lot, so I figured I should say something. It gets really annoying to try searching, getting no results, and then realizing the databases aren’t loaded.

Since there was discussion about this topic already, I’m presumably missing something…

See if this scratches your itch. Take a look at “Workspace”, described on page 151 of DEVONthink Handbook 3.8 version. Same content in “Help”.

Also might be good to get that hardware glitch sorted. No telling what other problems it may cause.


Oooooh that is fantastic! Works perfectly. I can force quit and reload the Workspace and it all comes back up. This even gives me another workflow possibility, where I save workspaces that open specific documents.

Sorry for the delayed response, and thanks for the tip!

I can force quit

Why would you be force-quitting? This does not sound like a good idea.

Ah, just for testing. Just to simulate the computer crashing.

Speaking of which, I have a 2020 MBP that suffers from this massive problem (crashes sometimes when connecting or disconnecting from a Thunderbolt dock). It went away entirely with an early version of Big Sur, but has started again very rarely in the last month or so.