[Feature Request] Hiding and combining tags

Hi people,

in the last few days I have been using DT to digitize my notes. I have created a hierarchy of tags in order to know what each note is about and where it did from. In the process I have made following observations:
a. most nodes in the tree hierarchy of tags are not really tags, they just keep related tags (their children) together
b. sometimes the name of a child-tag is not really helpfull unless you take into consideration the name of the parent tag

A concrete example: I created a tags hierarchy for my books (including their chapters so I can exactly pin-point the source of the note), see Figure 1. Regarding the tags attached to the selected note:
a. the “books” tag isn’t really necessary
b. the “Chapter 1” tag needs the “First book” tag to become meaningful

So my suggestion:
a. prepend a tag with a period (.) to make it invisible in the tags bar
b. prepend a tag with a colon (:slight_smile: to display it with the parent tag in the tags bar, e.g. “First book: Chapter1” in the above example

I hope all this makes some sense.


Tags/Groups can be already excluded from tagging via the Info panel (or contextual menu).


Well, I probably should have read the manual before asking :blush: .

Do developers think that the second point is worth implementing? It could also help differentiate tags with the same name in different places in the tree hierarchy.