Feature request: increase margin in viewing window

I’d like to request a feature to increase the margin around any text file (RTF, TXT, etc) displayed. Right now, I feel that the text on the left and right sides of the window is too close to the edge of the window and the other interface elements, making documents harder to read. The margin could either be increased by default (2-3x the current amount), or a user preference could be added.

Thanks for the suggestion! In case of RTF documents you could define your own margins (and save a template to easily create new documents using these margins).

True that’s possible (although with hundreds of text docs in my database, whew that would be a pain!)

But I have always felt that the viewing window for all text files (plain, rich, formatted) has always felt a little congested on the margins.

True that’s possible (although with hundreds of text docs in my database, whew that would be a pain!)

On a technical note, the formatting and margins in an RTF are hard-coded into the document. This means a change to the margins in the underlying code would have no effect on existing documents anyways. If you wanted those margins to change, you’d still have to process those independently.

Ah I was hoping it was possible to add a default padding to a window regardless of content (a la CSS), but thanks for confirming.

If you use the Multimarkdown files you can create a custom CSS file (or just add CSS to the file itself) that will allow you to adjust formatting/margins. I add this to all of my .md files and it allows me to have a consistent view for all of my documents.

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Thanks. Tried that, but alas, Markdown ain’t for me!

I was hoping for a global option. A application I used to use (MacJournal) has a preference that allowed you to add padding to all files viewed, and it was very handy.

Hear, hear! Markdown FTW!! :smile:

OMG, did beta 3 just grant my wish? Am I seeing wider margins for RTF and text view? Huzzah, I love it. Thank you!

Indeed, there is a bit more breathing room. :slight_smile: