Feature Request: Incremental filter in Groups & Tags window

I’m forever adding new tags then promoting them to my more structured group and tag hierarchy.

I do this with lots of windows; it works, but it’s an unsatisfying approach. I’ve been trying to think up better ways to handle this, from rolling scripts to thinking up new features that wouldn’t make huge demands on the interface.

I’ve realised there’s a really simple solution, and it just requires a filter adding to the Groups and Tags window. It would also, I think, make this window hugely more useful.

The addition of a text box - maybe at the top, maybe the bottom - that would filter the list to only show items that matched the text entered.

It would show the parent items, but not the parent items which did not have children that matched. Ideally, it would incrementally filter as you typed.

It would help avoid those messy situation where you end up using the same term as both a group and a tag (and the manual clean-up needed afterwards… maybe it’s just me!)

The window would continue to work the same way; you’d be able to pop out a new window on a tag or group, drag tags/groups out and move them into other lists and views, etc. But this would make it incredibly useful to whittle down tags interactively to add to pieces of content or to shift into other parts of the hierarchy in other windows.

Thanks for the suggestion. We will consider it for future releases.