Feature Request: 'Index Files' on iOS

Now, I know this is not possible in the traditional, Mac sense of the term. However, I was just reading Viticci’s iPad review and his discussion of how he uses Working Copy and iA Writer here. What he describes is essentially a version of indexing files. In other words, because iA Writer and Working Copy can both store files in the Files app, they can also ‘index’ whole folders from the other app with ‘file bookmarks’–so that you can have a folder open in iA Writer that is essentially reading (indexing) the files in Working Copy and automatically updating them.

To me, it seems that a lot could be done if DTTG implemented a similar thing. The idea is, you’d be able to go in to DTTG, search the Files app, and have a folder open in place to be viewed and indexed by DTTG without having to import everything into the database.

Now, truth be told, what I think would be even more useful is to do this in reverse–that is, using an app like Working Copy or iA Writer to open a DTTG folder from Files and to try and read and write to the folder. Then I could have a whole folder of PDFs or notes or whatever and just navigate/edit them straight in my text editor and have everything synced to DTTG. But for some reason, it just doesn’t seem to be working and I’m not sure why.

Any suggestions/workarounds/advice/workflows are welcome.

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Thanks for the suggestion! We’ll give the article a read to see if it’s actually feasible for DEVONthink To Go.

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