Feature Request: Instances Pop-Up Window (keyboard shortcut)

I have a regular use for the “instances” pop-up (from within inspector), to observe where replicants are or are-not. What I’d love, is to sometimes have this view open constantly. (As best I’m aware, this can only be seen from the inspector, by clicking next to “instances.”) I’m aware of the CMD-OPTION-[left arrow] or [rigth arrow] shortcut but this horizontal-view is inadequate for my needs because I never know where I am in the loop, and I sometimes have 10+ replicants per file. I’d rather just see the fabulous “descending tree”-type view, which I can only bring up from the pop-up window within inspector, which is cumbersome. I’d rather just have this view open all the time, if that’s do-able for future updates/versions. Thanks!

It’s just a popup menu currently which can’t be detached but a future release might change this.

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