[Feature Request] Keyboard Seek Features for videos for internal player

it seems using the arrow keys to g back 5 seconds or forward does not work. Im trying to have the same features I have when on YouTube. is there a way to have the arrow keys be used to skip 5 seconds or rewind 5 seconds?

Shift-Left/Right jumps 15 seconds back/forward.

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Note: YouTube is not using the same video framework as DEVONthink uses. Just something to consider.

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is there a secret terminal configuration I can make to make it 5 seconds ?

No, there are no such commandline switches to control DEVONthink in this manner.

tagging @cgrunenberg in case there’s a future request for something like this by someone else. Add my vote for it pls

We’ll add a hidden preference to the next release.

I appreciate it! thank you !

Hi, is it a resolved thread and where can I find this hidden preference? Thanks!

See the Appendix > Hidden Preferences in the built-in Help and manual.

Thank you, this is really helpful!

You’re welcome :slight_smile: