Feature Request: Make DT could-savvy


I use DEVONthink on two machines, my desktop iMac and my MacBook. I like to have my databases in sync and I use Dropbox for this purpose. But synching can take a long time because of the large files DEVONthink creates to store its database. Syncing works, but could be improved.

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What does “could-savvy” mean? Lost in German to English translation? :slight_smile:

[Edit: never mind; it’s cloud, duh]

There’s a common problem with synchronization of files via the ‘cloud’ that is too often forgotten, and that can result in database problems.

Most people have broad band Internet access with download speeds that are much slower than the data movement speeds on their hard drive. And in many cases the upload speed is only a fraction of the download speed.

Suppose I’m using DropBox. I want to synchronize the databases that I have on computer A to computer B.

I start out by dumping a 5 GB database on computer A into DropBox for the first time. Were I to copy that database onto a FireWire drive connected to my computer, the data transfer would take a while, even with FireWire 800. How long will it take to copy my 5 GB database up to the ‘cloud’? Unless I’ve got access to Internet 2, the likely answer is MUCH longer. Suppose the rated download speed is 4 Mbs, then the rated upload speed may be only 1 Mbs.

When the DropBox upload is finally completed, I close the database on computer A and shut it down, then go to computer B. But if I just turned it on, it will take a while to download that database that I sent up from computer A. I’d better let the download complete before I start working on that database.

OK, I’ve got the database synchronized on both databases. From now on, DropBox will have to handle only incremental changes.

Now I dump a lot of files into the database on computer B and when the import is complete I close the database and shut down computer B. Then I go back to computer A, start it up, launch DT Pro and the database and start reorganizing the database and editing some files.

Is DropBox smart enough to keep me from creating database chaos?