Feature request — Manually link an arbitrary number of files in DT


I often highlight, annotate, and take screenshots (of visual elements such as graphs) PDF files, and would like to be able to relate the original (i.e. PDF), the exported annotation file (usually in markdown), and any standalone image files (i.e. screenshots).

Grouping or assigning a specific tag could work, but that would require of me to remember that the file I am looking at is part of a “bundle”. I could also check the “see also and classify” inspector, but that would imply that I sift through the list to find the exactly related files.

I noticed that you support “ubiquitous linking” (i.e. Hook), and was thinking that you could introduce an “internal” (albeit exportable) way to arbitrarily link files stored and indexed withing DT.

The original is already linked to the annotation and, if you’re using one of the default templates, then the annotation links also back to the original. Maybe adding links to the images to the annotation would be sufficient? E.g. via Cmd-Alt drag & drop.

Hello Christian

I highlight and annotate PDFs outside of DT in a dedicated PDF reader (i.e. PDF Expert, which I seamlessly use between Mac and iPad) and then export and edit an annotation file (in markdown). I also scribble related handwritten notes and drawings in another notetaking app (in split-screen mode).

So, to recap, I have a mix of the following related types of files:

  • The original PDFdocument
  • The exported highlights / annotated markdown file
  • Screenshots (also sometimes annotated) from the PDF
  • Scribbles (handwriting / drawings) in bitmap or vector formats
  • Closely related web page archives
  • Sometimes I also have related emails / discussions with collaborators

Being able to arbitrarily select files of different types and “connect” them via a “TOC” of links would be awesome.

Thanks for your reply by the way :slight_smile:

While not exactly the same, Tools > Create Table Of Contents might be nonetheless useful.

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Not a bad alternative! Thanks, I’ll use this :slight_smile:

(do -kindly- consider some sort of file-level “interlinking”)