Feature Request: Markdown checkboxes

It would be really nice to extend DevonThink’s markdown support to include checkboxes. I’d like to see checkboxes supported as active items in the rendered view so they can be checked off. Something like changing this :white_large_square: to this :white_check_mark: by clicking on the icon in the rendered page.

I have a number of checklists and packing lists for various activities and tasks that I store in DevonThink, but edit in an external Markdown editor mainly to get the checkbox support. For an example of this feature, see the iOS app, “1writer”, which works quite well with DevonThink To Go.


We use MultiMarkdown, not other flavors of Markdown. If MMD adds support for this, it would be included in DEVONthink. Send him a feature request. :smiley:

While it’s not a part of mmd, you can always add checkmarks on the rendered page using html, though the state won’t persist. Example: ```

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