Feature request: Merging Tags

In the current system, dragging one tag to the other tag embeds the dragged tag under the host tag.

  • BE has a nice feature where dragging tag_X to tag_Y renames tag_X to tag-Y (merging it).

In DT, I think this can be implemented by drag by holding Alt key.

  1. Drag tag_x to tag_y → embeds tag_x under tag_y
  2. Drag tag_x to tag_y while holding ALT → merging (renaming) tag_x to tag_y

Multiple selected tags can be merged via Tools > Merge Tags.


Wow, didn’t know that one. I couldn’t find in the documentation.

Thank you.

FWIW, I personally find that things are easier to search for in the PDF version of the manual (what they call the “User Handbook”). For example, the Merge functionality is described on p. 89 of the DEVONthink 3.9.1 manual.


Thank you.
Again, that one I didn’t know existed. Great documentation; that should be shipped with DT.

The built-in Help and manual are compiled from the exact same source. :slight_smile:


BLUEFROG head. :laughing:

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