Feature Request - Modular Inspectors

I’m thinking about the functionality available in Obsidian/Electron Framework where you can move around different “plugins” to any position within the application window.

For DEVONthink, would it be possible to make each of the inspector elements it’s own module where then each module of the inspector group can be moved to different positions in the inspector sidebar?

I like “info+others” on top half and “See also and Classify” below that or any combination. Maybe the ability to have separate groups of inspectors in the upper and lower half of the inspector sidebar.

  • Chris
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I’d say it’s unlikely. DEVONthink is an integrated window after over a very long time with floating windows, panels, etc. We had many complaints and many requests for a more unified single-window UI. And you’re not talking about something simple to implement without a lot of work and wiring. However, the request is noted.

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