Feature request: More detail in search results

Search works across multiple databases which is great. Browsing a list of 150 results with no indication of what database or group they are in makes it much less useful.

I’d like to see at least an option to see the result list separated by databases name and the file group names displayed below file names (similar to tags). Either display just the parent group or a truncated breadcrumb of the group hierarchy.

I’ve been confronted with similar idea’s questions. :question:
As you’ll probably know in most but not all views I find a location + path in the context menu clicking the column heading. :bulb:

I haven’t understood yet why sometimes the ‘location’ field is missing.
It would maybe be easy to add a field ‘database’. That way we could sort on database in the search tool. :exclamation:

I’ve added a couple of screenshots to clarify and one putting two next to each other to view differences.

Image copy.png

The first observation is that the posts to the DEVONthink to Go beta forum should be limited to discussion of the DEVONthink to Go beta. This question would be most appropriate in the public DEVONthink: Tips, Tricks & Troubleshooting forum.

As an answer to your question, the sort fields in the Search window are the same as the options available for sorting in the database (flag, kind, label, etc.), so that’s why you will not see ‘database’ as a field to sort on. If you only want to see the search results from a specific database, then limit the search to the desired database using the ‘Search In’ option in the Sidebar of the search window.

Some answers - some clarifications:

  • I stumbled on this post while searching for in-depth information about ‘searching’, indeed not noticing that this was posted in ‘Beta DTtoG’. Gabe’s post doesn’t mention it specifically, but indeed it being posted under ‘Beta DTtoG’ we can assume its related.
  • longtime I have been wondering if search encompassed all (open or closed?) databases
  • also longtime I noticed the ‘Location’ field is not always present and it has been this fact that I wanted to see resolved
  • as to the options available, these are also available in the tools > search window, where you can also select databases or a specific database at the bottom.

I don’t think we can move a post to another board. If appropriate a moderator may be the judge.