Feature Request--New RTF File from Anywhere

I usually browse through my files in DTTG when I am in the subway. When I browse, I am usually deep into the database: in subfolder of a folder of a folder, etc. I would find it really useful if I could create a new RTF document regardless of where I am in the database.

Yesterday, for instance, I was reading a document, and I had an idea related (or somehow sparked by the document) which I wanted to write down. I could not write it down through Editing the text file I was reading at the time because I was viewing a pdf file, so I had to go back to the Inbox to write the idea down.

With DTTG2 on an iPad one can already do this – press “+” in the left sidebar and create a note (RTF is an available option) in that folder.

On the iPhone you’ll need to press the back button (upper left corner) one step to go back to the folder of the document you are reading, then precede as above (press “+”, etc.). Add your note, then click the document you were reading to step back into it.

No need to go home to start a note.

At the moment, I don’t use the iPad version only the iPhone one.

The problem for me at the moment is that if I go back once, which is a good option, that note actually won’t be stored where I need it. I want it to be stored in the Inbox so I can file it later where appropriate. I can tag it, e.g. Inbox, but that would add a step to my workflow as I will have to remember to process two Inboxes.

Ah. A different requirement than the OP.

If you have the Drafts app you could use that - access it from its Notification Centre widget, write your note and send it to DevonThink via a Drafts action like:


The note will be dropped into your Global Inbox and you will still be in the group structure that you started from.

Thanks for the tip, skeggelton. I will experiment.

+1 for the ability to quickly create a new global inbox note anywhere in DTTG.

I, too, am currently using the Drafts workaround. While that is satisfactory for now, creating these notes directly in DTTG would be a smoother, more efficient workflow.

Perhaps a DTTG widget that presents a “new note” option, similar to the iPhone 3D touch options?