Feature request: next / prev document arrows

When viewing a folder of documents in DTTG, I often want to quickly navigate to the next or previous document while viewing in full screen (the left menu tucked away). Perhaps an up and down arrow in the top button row could be added to provide this? Similar to Scrivener …

Yes please! I’ve wanted this for a long time.

On iPhone there’s little room for Up and Down buttons in the top navigation when there’s an Edit button :-/

Well, I’m sure there are other users who’d have a different opinion, but I’d be happy to move into editing mode by tapping the text in order to free up space for navigation arrows.

Or perhaps the iPad interface could be different from iPhone? Maybe a bottom menu bar?

I review documents on my iPhone 10x more often than I edit them. I have groups organized specifically so that I can read one document after another… which is slowed down by the fact that I always have to navigate to the list.

The current Edit button is in response to this very action you’re describing.

Also, it’s less than ideal to have multiple interfaces per device to maintain.

I suggest pull to refresh like actions on the top and bottom but to go to the next and previous document.

What if the document is a multipage PDF and the Settings are set to vertical scrolling? Or even just a long PDF?

I quite like the idea of the gestures. If the document is too long, then right, this feature won’t be as useful. But that wouldn’t detract from it being useful for short text documents, images, etc. In other words, it doesn’t seem to me like the feature would get in the way for use cases where there are a lot of long documents, but it would be useful for cases where there are short ones.