Feature request: "open multiple DB" option in preferences

I would like to see a preference to open multiple databases. I have an alarm start DT in the morning. It would be nice to be able to have DT open all (or a selected set) of my databases on startup.

This can be done by opening the databases you want to be opened at morning launch. then go to the DTPO prefs and select General. About halfway down you’ll see a section called Startup: with three options. Choose option #2 (Open windows that were open on quit). Then quit DTPO. When your alarm script launches DTPO next day, DTPO will in turn open the databases you had open when you last quit.

@Tod…thanks for the reply. This is what I have been doing. I have 3 databases that I routinely need every day. These 3 are open and used every day. I have other databases that I open on a semiregular basis. When my scheduled shutdown occurs every night, one of these “other” databases (or several of them) are open. So when my alarm goes off…one (or several) of my non-daily DB’s gets opened. I’d prefer if I could set which databases open on launch.

I admit I’m lazy and don’t shut my non-daily databases before stopping work. I determined a work-around. I can set an alarm for each of my databases, and set the preference you mentioned to “open new window” which would just open my default database. I’m anal though. I hate having to do that. I’d rather have a preference for opening specific databases. I realize it probably isn’t going to happen…but my “anal self” can hope.

Thanks…and sorry for taking up forum space with a self-serving request.

I certainly didn’t take your question as a “self-serving request!” On the contrary, it’s something that is a bit confusing at first.

Your second post clarified your work habits a bit and what you’re now asking makes better sense.

I’d think that perhaps setting that Startup action to the third option (Do nothing) and then as part of your alarm script perhaps a script can be called that will always open the DBs necessary during the day. That way when DTPO is launched by the alarm script, it initially opens without an open database, then the necessary DBs are opened.

Until such is implemented by DT as an (omigod not another) Preference tab, this might be the way to go. As I’m not a scripter, I’ll leave that part as an exercise for the more script-savvy among us.

Could you make an Automator workflow using the canned DT “Open Database” action?