Feature Request: Open only selected databases

While I love DT-to-go, as others have noted, it’s really slow to launch if there is much data in it. One way to deal with this it seems would be to only open requested databased instead of all that are synched. For example, if I wan’t a recipe, maybe the launch would be faster if I could just open my Recipes database. And on the other hand, if I’m on the road, maybe launching DT would be quicker if it didn’t have to load the Recipes database.

I do have some granularity by way of a few distinct databases. If we could only load what is to be needed, and make the app launch actually fast, it would be worth investing in more granularity on the user end.

And maybe you could keep the default “launch all databases” as an option for those who have time or small databases or don’t want to fiddle.

I looked to make sure this isn’t already a feature. If it’s there, I can’t find it…

Thanks for the suggestion. As we work on the new sync process, I intend to look into this issue and see what I can do about it.