[Feature Request]: Optimize behavior of group/item selector when using multiple monitors


here’s a quick feature request I hope you will consider:

This is what I would like to do:

  1. Open several DT windows on two different monitors
  2. Open the Group/Item selector and drag it somewhere so that it stays open
  3. Open several DT windows on different monitors, enter a keyword into the selector, click one of the results and have that group or item open in the currently selected DT window.

However, the current behavior in relation to 3) is that the selected group/item of course does open, but it always does so in a DT window on the monitor from which the selector menu was first opened.

So even if I have selected a DT window on monitor 2 before clicking one of the results in the selector, DT on monitor 1 will respond if that’s where the group/item selector was first opened.

There is a primary monitor in any multi-monitor setup. New windows will open on that monitor and is controlled by the operating system.
@cgrunenberg can respond more authoritatively but I don’t believe there’s any way for us to control this behavior.

Thanks, @BLUEFROG for the quick response.

One additional observation: At least in my setup, DT behaves the same way regardless of whether the selector is opened on the secondary or primary monitor: It will always open items on that same monitor.

You’re welcome and that would be correct. It’s the primary display that matters, not what monitor DEVONthink is running on.