Feature Request: Optionally extract tags from documents with configurable tag prefixes as in DEVONthink for Mac 3.x

Really, not much more to say here, but the convenience of entering tags as part of a document’s text whilst editing cannot be overstated. Thanks!

Automatic conversion of hashtags to tags is already implemented.
There are no current plans to extend this to arbitrary prefixes, but the request is noted.

then I’m doing something wrong I guess. Entering tags on a separate line in markdown in DTTG as


but they are not being showing up when I save the document and check the tags under the “I”

I am a novice as far as markup goes. What am I doing wrong?

Have you got preferences>files>convert hashtags to tags checked in your preferences?

I am not finding that setting in DTTG.

Ahh… My apologies. I missed the important detail that you’re in the DEVONthink To Go seciton.

The feature I (and @Grantst) were referring to is in DEVONthink on a Mac.
There are no automatic tagging options in DEVONthink To Go but it’s on our (long) list of future enhancements.

Yes sorry about that thought you were referring to Mac.