Feature request: Password/Touch ID protection for DTTG

Many of us store sensitive documents in DDTG or sync sensitive documents to DTTG. It would be great if access to the app as a whole (as opposed to database-level passwords) could be optionally secured by a password or PIN and Touch ID.

What addition security does this give when the device itself is wholly encrypted and protected with your fingerprint? As soon as the screen is locked no data is readable unless you personally unlock it.

Adding encryption would mean to encrypt already encrypted data.

It’s a simple additional barrier to prevent access to a particular app whenever I hand my phone to another person. Several apps I use provide this feature. I’m not asking for encrypting data that is already encrypted.

Yeah this is already a common feature in many applications and I’d also like to see this. Maybe consider it part of the Pro features (Evernote does the same with their mobile app I think…you have to be in one of the paid tiers).

For instance, I let my kids play games on my phone sometimes. I dont want them getting into my stuff there.

+1 for an option to require TouchID to unlock the app. See the 1Password app for an excellent example of how this can work.

Add another request for TouchID support. More and more apps use this, and DTTG should have it too!

+1 for adding TouchID support to DEVONthink to Go for reasons already mentioned above. In my view it adds that extra level of security to the app and the data for when your phone is being used by someone else (for instance a child).

We hear you. Not for 2.0.x but for 2.x it’s at least noted.

+1. Definitely a feature I’d like. Others (not just kids) use my unlocked phone or iPad sometimes and I’d like the DTG app to be secured by Touch ID.


Any news related to the implementation of this feature? Is it still being considered? I must admit that I’m using DTTG more and more these days on my iPad and I’d prefer to have this extra security step in place.

Thank you, and keep up the good work.


It is still being considered but the feature request and issue list currently exceeds more than 300 items. DEVONthink To Go has enjoyed some popularity lately :slight_smile:

And well deserved !

Thank you

+1 for when the list gets smaller. :smiley:

Be happy Eric, you will not go on a vacation the next 16 years. Vacations are expensive…


This is really a table stakes feature for an iOS file management app. I’d love to use DTTG more, but am uncomfortable putting docs there without the additional access hurdle.

+1 again.

Its a real shame, I’m going to have to remove Devonthink from my phone as its absolutely useless to me without some form of additional app protection. :confused:

There are plenty of people I trust to look at my pictures, read emails on my phone etc etc, but I’m not at all comfortable with them having absolute full unrestricted access to every file I have synced (I keep pay, medical, financial info in there).

I’m really having a hard time believing that such a stable and professional app as this has this huge security hole in it and clearly isn’t being considered as important enough to be actioned…

I must say that I think it’s hard to characterise it it as a huge security hole on a device that’s essentially designed and built for single users. I get your use case and I get the irritation, but I do think it’s a little unfair to hammer DT on this basis. Just my opinion, of course.

In any case, it might be on the road map - if you email support you might get more info than would be published in an open forum (I think DT are wisely quiet about upcoming features).

Its hardly ‘hammering’ them. I’m not moaning about the money or asking for refunds, I am just saying it how I see it - Its huge enough that I’ve taken DTTG off my phone having only just bought it, its that much of an issue to me…

Sorry I simply don’t agree about a phone / iPad being just a personal device these days - ever since they stopped being just phones, pretty much everyone I know lends their devices to their kids / friends / co-workers for one reason or another.

Yes it may well be on a road-map somewhere, (I did email support and got told the same vague statement) but lets not forget its also been there since at least Aug 2016 and still isn’t implemented…

Yes, half of the day, my iPad is not in my hands but in that of another family member or friend.

But sensitive data - like accounting and bank-access or password managers - have additional barriers.
And so should DTTG, IMHO.

There is even a second person who has fingerprints added to open the iPad - but sure i do not want to give access to everything!
Netflix and Games is what i want to allow - not more!

We are working on some things regarding this right now.