Feature request: Password/Touch ID protection for DTTG


I have a toddler and a family iPad. I’d like to use DTTG on the iPad, buuuuut…

Well, it’s there now with version 2.5 and it works fine if you ask me. Not only can we now secure our databases with passwords, but we can also unlock using Touch / Face ID.

The best just got better as they say and frankly, this app alone justifies the investment into our shiny handled tools. This is by far the only application I use daily on my iPad. Now that I can secure my data, I guess I’ll synchronize all my desktop DBs and use it even more!

Kudos to you guys, and thanks for the hard work.


And thanks for your patience, understanding, and support. Cheers!


Unfortunately, I have found an easy to circumvent the new security feature: if you have enabled the access to DTTG via the native Files applications, then you can open a document from an external application without entering the password to your DTTG database.

Here’s how I just did it: Open Excel on my iPad and tried opening an external file via the Files app. In the Files app, I could select the DTTG database and then scan all the files it contains - all this without having to enter the DTTG database password… Of course, I could also open an Excel file and edit its content.

Not sure whether this is an oversight or a bug, but as it is it clearly is a problem. Even though you have put a password on your database, an educated user could easily open any document it contains just using another application…

Thank you

If you have unlocked DTTG2, access to its files is open during the period set in Settings > Security.


Ah yes indeed. If DTTG has been open for a longer period of time, then the Files app won’t show DTTG contents.
So I guess it should be set to ‘Immediately’ for maximum security.

Thank you!

That is definitely a possibility. Cheers!