feature request: podcasts with annotations

I am a heavy podcast consumer. The market seems to be growing rapidly (I don’t have real data on that; just adhoc word of mouth observations).

I don’t know anyone doing this … might be pretty challenging too … but if you can pull it off it would be quite a differentiator. I know people like Marco Arment are thinking about it too.

I would love a way to bookmark, clip, and/or annotate portions of a podcast to add to my database.

Possibly even add an episode to my database with a transcription to text as well (similar to your Annotate template for PDFs?)

There is opportunity here I think.


The Annotation template works for documents of any filetype, not just PDFs.

An Annotation note can be used to create comments about a video or audio file that it references. For example, an attorney viewing the video of a deposition can make notes about questions and responses, adding timeline information to “mark” the position in the video at which a response was made, so that it can be selected for playback.