Feature Request: Rename indexed PDF file on disk


I’m currently scanning lots of Paper with a Fujitsu ScanSnap (with automatic document feeder) and so have lots of PDF files named “Scan001”, “Scan002”, … etc.

Now, I want to rename them and neither Apple’s Preview nor Adobes expensive Acrobat 6 or 8 lets me preview or open a file and then (while it’s open) rename it.
So I have to close it first, and then rename the file which is more time and brain consuming.

In an online discussion, a DT Pro user told me that in DT I can select Text and then make it the name of the indexed PDF file in the DT database.
That’s a great feature, however would it be possible to also rename the “real” pdf file on disk?
(I also have to use the files on a PC without DevonThink, so I have to rename the real files and not only their “clones” in the DT database.)


Hi, Martin. When you rename a PDF document in your database, the file name as stored in the internal Files folder is not renamed at that time.

But if you choose File > Export > Files & Folders to export that PDF to the Finder (so that you can send it to your PC), that exported file will have the name you gave it in your database.

Note that the file name will not be changed if you use drag & drop from the database to the Finder.