Feature request: Separators for custom metadata to enable visual grouping


a quick suggestion / feature request for Custom Metadata:

It would be useful to be able to insert separators in the custom metadata pane, which can contain individual titles. This way, several metadata fields could be grouped together visually.

The use case arises in my case because I use some custom metadata fields only for Zettelkasten notes, and other ones only for source documents or transclusion notes.

Thanks for considering.


Nice idea +1

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No promises, but the suggestion is noted.

Tinderbox notes have an attribute called DisplayedAttributes that store the attributes that should be displayed for a specific item/type of item. Perhaps this could be a solution.

An alternative could be having metadata sets. For each item, one might be able to choose set A, set B, set C. and so on.

Would be nice if those groups would also be visible in the columns selector and the search criteria.

And if there would be a way in AppleScript to tell to which “group” a given custom meta data belongs to.

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I would emphatically second both of those ideas!

So perhaps there could be a way to assign each custom metadata entry in Settings → Data to a specific metadata set. Then, in the Custom Metadata inspector, users would select one or several custom metadata sets to be shown for a given item. Thinking this further, maybe the process could even be automated via a Smart Rule to automatically assign specific sets of metadata to items based on certain criteria.

Seems like that would be the ultimate solution.

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Oh that would be sooooo amazing. Having a selectable set that can be automatically be applied to groups or subgroups of file type or database or or… Or by rule … Or manually. Or …I’m getting too excited right now. (just a grouping function to simply"fold" unused items away would be nice already)