Feature Request: "Set Title As" in main menu

Feature Request: “Set Title As” in main menu
So I can roll my own keyboard shortcut rather than having to use contextual menu. I have to do this very frequently and those of use who are keyboard-centric could sure use this!

Thanks, and 1.9.3 is MUCH FASTER! :slight_smile:


I second the motion! Alas, this isn’t a democracy!

Is there a keyboard-centric way you’re selecting text for applying Set Title As to? Or is it that a keyboard shortcut would be more efficient than using the contextual menu after selecting text with the mouse? I generally prefer that latter style of combined keyboard+mouse interaction rather than using just the mouse for both selection and CM activation.

Exactly - with both paws. ‘Touch’ was once in the menubar, then it was removed, then reinstated, much to my glee. I know that too much junk in the menu is hard to deal with, but having CM only commands is quite bothersome. But that’s me.

Certain actions (e.g. deleting and moving items) will cause unwanted side effects (e.g. unpredictable item selection) that can make two-paw interaction with DEVONthink more awkward than I’d like it to be. The UI seems to implement different metaphors that don’t always play nicely with each other. :slight_smile:

I am using DT Pro 1.5. Has the request below from a couple years ago been implemented? I can’t seem to find a way to use a keyboard shortcut to invoke the “set title as” command on the select text. This would be helpful.


Just have a look at the script posted in this thread:


Thanks very much. I’m surprised this didn’t come up in my original search results!

The Link has changed: The post can be found under


I second this!!! Please make this feature so this so I can set a keyboard shortcut. Scrivener allows me to rename my files with a key combination, and it REALLY helps my workflow.

If you’re using DEVONthink Pro (Office), you could use Scripts > Rename > Selected Text and its shortcut.

Yup, that did it! :smiley: I should really start exploring the scripts more…
Thanks for the speedy reply!!!