Feature request: Share sheet default parameters


I would like to see in “Clip to DTTG” share sheet a default format (bookmark, Web Archive, …) I may have set from DTTG settings or at least ability to remember my latest choice.
I wish also to see the output format to be reminded on page 1 of the share sheet so I can validate clipping action here (and going on page 2 if format change if needed).

It’s kind of cumbersome to have to choose every single time a clipping output format when, for example, you always go for “Web Archive (Clutter free)” on every web pages you want to store in DTTG.


There is a feature request in place already, but no promises, of course.

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I was going to post a new topic about this, but found this one on forum search, so adding my two-penny-worth here. I’m frequently finding myself selecting ‘Bookmark’ by accident when I clip a web pages to DTTG 3, because on my iPad Mini the ‘Done’ button is so close to the ‘Bookmark’ option. Normally I opt for ‘Web Archive (Clutter free)’, only to find out later — usually once DTTG 3 has synched to DEVONthink 3 on my Mac — that it’s a bookmark instead.

Perhaps a short-term fix might be to move the ‘Done’ button underneath the clipping options?