Feature request: show Excerpt

I impressed by the new improvements in Devonthink 3.
I love that the proximity search is back with its full power now.
I am about to move away from Foxtrot and adopt Devonthink for good. There is one feature I will be missing: the Exerpt.

Foxtrot shows little 2-3 line excerpts of the search results across all the found documents. Devonthink shows the results after I clicked the specific documents. The excerpt is useful because it tells me the document I need to click before I click it. Basically, I read the excerpts before I click any of the documents. These excerpts tells me exactly which of the documents I need to open.
here is an example:

This can be easily implemented in Devonthink by putting the excerpts (3 lines of text around the key terms) just below the names of the documents.

Devonthink currently has the preview. The difference is: the preview in the current implementation appears only after we clicked the document. The suggestion is to make the preview always visible.


This is a very subjective term. :wink:

The request is noted.

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Previewing the results after clicking is tiresome for the user in the long run because not all the documents are relevant. There will be a lot of hit and miss. Previewing them all makes the choice very easy to choose the right document. Read these lines before you click.

I’m not sure what you’re responding to, but okay.

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I am sorry; I thought you are commenting on the idea. You are right, the implementation might not be “easy”.

No worries. I think the idea is reasonable, but yea, I can’t speak for the “ease” of implementing it. Development would have to make that assessment / decision.

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thank you for your consideration!

And thanks for your support since 2013! :slight_smile:

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Dt has given me a lot of pleasure. Thank you for developing such a great software.

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