Feature request: Show location of file in file info

Dear DTTG team

I thought it might be useful to see in which group(s) a file is stored when opening the file info.

Use case: I run a search, then a number of files show up. I wonder if there might be some related files in the same group(s) in which the found files are stored. Or, I see two times the same file and I want to check where the duplicate is located.

Thank you!

Tools > Get Info shows the location (path) of a document, and at the bottom of that display there is a indicator that shows if there are duplicates or replicants. For example “1 duplicate, 0 replicants”. When that indicator is clicked, a secondary panel opens showing the database path for each duplicate and replicant.

I’m looking to see the file path in Devon Think To Go.

Well, yes, that is what you asked isn’t it. :blush:

I’ve added this as a feature request to consider for a future release.