Feature request: Smart Rules "On Close" event

Just a feature request, as per the subject line.

It’s hard not to make overeager Smart Rules. For instance, I want to read RSS items to the trash automatically as soon as I’ve closed them, but attaching an “On Open” event deletes items as soon as I open it (as expected). It’d be nice to act on files as soon as I’ve closed it so that this functionality works.

For now I’ll set up the rule to run every hour, but it’d be nicer to see the number of items dwindle as I make progress.

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Thanks for the suggestion! Shouldn’t the number of unread items be sufficient? At least that’s the way I work and as long as everything’s read, I don’t care about the current number of items inside the feed and when they’ll be automatically removed (see Keeping up with readings using DT(3) and DTTG)

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It’s almost sufficient. What I should’ve said above was “… it’d be nicer to see the items dwindle as I make progress.”

It certainly is nice to see the number of unreads going down. It’d be even better, though, if the items themselves left the current view/group after I was done with them, reducing noise as I make progress. E.g., I can imagine clicking around a group of news items as I try to filter out the cruft, until I’m left with only a few “unread” articles that I can focus on. Then it’s easy to select-all and act on them.

Obviously there’s a billion other ways to accomplish that goal, so this isn’t a paramount request.