Feature request: support for x-devonthink...5F6?page=2 links

It would be a useful addition if DTG could support this kind of links: e.g. x-devonthink-item://8C38AFDD-3C0C-43A4-B3D0-160718A8C5F6?page=2.

Hi! Thanks for your post.

If I understand correctly, you want the ability to link to a specified page of a document.

This has been suggested before. The difficulty, if I recall correctly, comes from the fact that this is difficult to coordinate and standardize across document types.

For PDFs, for instance, I would expect that it’s fairly easy (although I haven’t tried it personally). On the other hand, document types like HTML and TXT/RTF are considerably more difficult to paginate. If you’re sending a link to someone else, or even yourself at a later date, the link might not point to the same location since the location of the beginning of a given page will depend on the width of the viewing window. A better approach there would be to have a unique search string to which the window would scroll… but this is obviously complex.

And external formats have their own challenges. Consider an Excel workbook you store in your database. Does page=2 link to the second page of the first worksheet? Or does it link to the second worksheet? Even if this question has a fairly straightforward answer (page=2 linking to the second slide of a Powerpoint presentation), it still demands functionality to be implemented by the QuickLook plugin that supports that format.

So the bottom line is that this feature can’t easily be implemented for much more than PDF. That in itself might be worth having (especially for long PDFs), admittedly.

I’ll pass your feature request upstream for further consideration, but I can’t guarantee anything. I can tell you that this feature has been requested and considered before.

Thanks again for your post.

Thanks for your detailed answer. As far as I know this kind of links is implemented only for PDF files even in the desktop version of DEVONthink but for my workflow is extremely important.

The problem is that at the present moment “DEVONthink To Go” (DTG) does not recognize this kind of links. When I click on one of them that I have created previously in my wiki using the desktop version of DEVONthink, the respective PDF file inside DTG just opens at the first page. So I would like DTG to be able to jump directly to the PDF page that is mentioned in the link.

Moreover I would like to create this kind of PDF links from DTG.

Ah! I didn’t notice which forum I was in :blush: I’ll pass your feature request along.