Feature Request: Tag Filter panel in DEVONthink To Go

I have a database where I save, when I’m on the computer, bookmarks and PDFs across a wide range of interests.
These files are all organised into folders / groups on DEVONthink.

I want to move from the rigidity of the folder structure to a pure tag-based approach so that:

  • Whenever I save a bookmark or PDF, I just assign tags corresponding to its topics and don’t have to think about where it goes within the database.
  • When I want to find files, I can navigate by tags corresponding to topics.

I have experimented with this in DEVONthink on the computer and for finding files, the Tag Filter panel (Tools > Filter > Tags) does exactly what I need. (I use it as List rather than as Cloud).

However, I realised that this functionality does not exist in DEVONthink To Go.

I searched on this community and found that other people have requested this, too (here and here).

Would DEVONtechnologies be open to implement this? (List mode would be enough - no need for Cloud view.)

The request is noted, with no promises.

PS: Note those posts are from five and seven years ago, with no further activity on them. Bear that in mind.

In DTTG you can use search to get a list of documents with certain tags. Use tags: tagname in the search field (obtained by pulling down on document/group list). This may help in the meantime. To save typing ‘tags:’ all the time, you could assign a keyboard text replacement to save keystrokes

Thank you for your response, @BLUEFROG .
It would be a very useful addition as it would allow to take full benefit of tags.

Thank you for the tip. Is this by assigning alias(es) to the tags?

No. If using search for items with a tag a lot, your will get tired of entering ‘tags:’ all the time. You can speed this up with keyboard text replacement in IOS and MACOS.

In IOS, settings → general → keyboard → text replacement

Add something like phase = tags: shortcut = zt with a space (the space is important or words like Aztec will get changed to Atags:ec). If using on screen keyboard you will want the short cut to be letters on a single keyboard and a letter sequence not often appearing in normal words.

Then in the search box if you type ‘zt meeting’ it will get changed to ‘tags: meeting’. It just saves a few key presses thats all. If you have tags you regularly search for you could create a replacement for the whole phrase like 'ztm ’ becoming ‘tags: meetings’.