Feature request: tag filtering

I hope simple tag filtering (no need for fancy visualization) is possible in a future DT version.

Smart folders serve a different purpose. For instance, one could make a smart folder for “christianism”, but there is no way to visualize which other tags the files under such a major term have. This is a need to filter out files in major or forgotten topics.

Up to now I have kept most of my files external to DT, so that I can do tag filtering with an external app. Leap is great at it. The problem with this approach is that if an indexed file is moved or renamed out of DT, its hyperlink changes. Files have permanent hyperlinks when moved inside a database. But as of now moving them inside a DT database curtails what I find an efficient way to get to the files I look for.

While we don’t comment too much on future releases, this is definitely an area we are looking at. Stay tuned as we are always hard at work on something or other! :smiley:

Whilst I have no problem with using an external app for what it does well, and Leap’s tag filtering implementation is very good, I also want to use DT hyperlinks to connect my annotations among them, which is a great feature of DT. So your reply is very good news. Thank you.

Even a more Boolean approach to the tag view would make that view much more powerful. At the moment you can choose tags which a file must include but not tags which should not be included. Perhaps something as option clicking a tag in tag view could mark it red, to distinguish from selected tags, and then exclude that tag in the same way as selected tags are included.

Always look forward to even the point releases.