Hey guys, lets just start a little list here of things that should be implemented or corrected in DTTG.

Many of those things should be included in the app anyway as basic standards.
Lets list the things that make DTTG a pain to work with and that need to be corrected in the NEXT update!

I just start with a few things most of which have already be mentioned somewhere in this forum…:

  • renaming and deleting files (!) app completely useless without these features
  • auto-preselected prefilled entry in name field when adding new bookmark so that one can just start typing instead of removing the characters sign by sign
  • password protected files can already contain the username in the according field. having to type everything into the fields is annoying
  • speed up the app loading. I know many very complex apps that load within one or two seconds. And DTTG is NOT complex in its actual state!
  • make the sync process usable and get rid of that annoying sync-group thing that requires being aware of duplicating and replicating etc. That’s NOT good usability!
  • create option to hide sidebar in landscape mode. The remaining right content part of the screen is far too small to work efficiently
  • when sending files (in my case a pdf) via included email function, the attached file gets a second file extension attached. BUG.
  • add option to open document in safari when document is bookmark
  • why is there an email-icon AND a “send bookmark”-option when document is bookmark? leave the mail-icon away. Confusing.
  • finally find the app-crashing bug. I havegot it on several devices. Even after complete reinstall of app or ipad-iOS. Annoying and app-killer!
  • include sync of the smart groups.

Thats it for the moment. I have some more things to write but I can’t remember them right now…
So far the app is not good for any professional use. It is unreliable,
one does never know if there isn’t another bug that kills your data.
Syncing is a pain, not userfriendly and solved unprofessionally.
At the moment there are a lot of cheap or free app that server the same purpose much better and more reliably… So hurry up guys.
For my taste there have been far too little updates of DTTG so far considering the fact that almost EVERYONE has got problems with it and that everyone paid quite an expensive price for it! This app is STILL WORSE than beta! Sorry.


Aww, come on - tell us how you really feel!

My list of the things that are really lacking in DTTG is:

  1. sync working properly - get rid of the sync group, make it simple to either sync or not entire databases or folders and also sync smart groups Sync is a complete PITA now and must be fixed soonest.

  2. index entire PDF files not just the first few bits

  3. delete and rename files on the mobile version

  4. password protect on individual databases

One feature that would be excellent would be the ability to open two files side by side, so one could read a PDF and simultaneously take notes in a text document.

+2 index entire PDF files

… an absolute must… for two users of DTTG

Full index feature is coming in version 1.0.3 (will be available soon Apple permitting).

  • Automatically sync local inbox. This local/global inbox is confusing anyway. Ant its not possible to drop local inbox into the sync group.
  • Bypass the Home screen. Why not the Inbox, Search, Recent and Unread items are not buttons in a toolbar accessible from any screen?
  • List view with all groups expanded (or option to expand/close). Too many taps to navigate in the database.

Keep up with this excellent work. Thanks.