Feature Requests re. Show Info dialog box

Greetings! I’d like to share two Feature requests regarding the Show Info dialog box.

  1. Firstly, I would appreciate, under “Instances” to be shown “Enclosing Groups” for Duplicates, and not just for Replicants. I am often searching down duplicates (which are not always actually identical–sometimes DTPO is a bit over-zealous when it comes to identifying duplicates). And, as it stands now, I have to click on a duplicate in the “Instances” drop-down menu and be taken to a mysterious other location inside the Database to figure out where the supposed duplicate is and what it is. Showing “Enclosing Groups” for the listed duplicates would be very helpful.

  2. More broadly, I am constantly looking up Replicant and Duplicate information for documents and folders. I would love this information to be more prominently displayed when I open Show Info–I’d love not to have to mouse to the “Instances” drop-down menu. Could the Show Info dialog box be re-designed to show Replicants and Duplicates in their Enclosing Groups right on the main Show Info page? Maybe a section below “General” entitled “Location and Instances” or something might work. This way those who were uninterested in seeing this information displayed all the time could click the carrot and hide it, and those of us who rely on this information could have it automatically shown when we routinely bring up the Show Info box with the quick and easy keyboard shortcut shift-cmmd-I.

Thanks! ~ Jeremy :slight_smile: