Feature requests

Would love to see the following features incorporated into DT:

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Customizing the Toolbar to allow access to helper applications such as IdeaKnot, Mail.app or Address Book
Ability to Mail documents from DT
Restore Backup (can’t believe this isn’t already there)
Creation of Internal Hyperlinks
Visible Cross References field or Notes field.
Cross Reference: Ability to drag and drop multiple files into a window to confirm inter-relationships of knowledge that may or may not be obvious to “See Also”. A button somewhere in the interface that suggests “Show Cross References” would then open those documents in a separate browser window.

One addition to these good suggestions: the ability to change import preferences on-the-fly.

For example, I only just discovered that encrypted PDFs, which TextLightning does not convert, can be converted (into plain text) through DT’s inbuilt PDFtoText function. Then, if you want them in RTF, just hit the convert option within DT. Very useful! But it would be good to be able to specify import options on-the-fly for cases like these, instead of opening preferences each time.

I’d really like some sort of contextual menu plugin, offering the same sort of features as services: Take Rich Note etc. This would be great for applications like Word that don’t support services.

Outlining - yes, no-brainer necessity.  See outliners.com for background; use  More as a model, its feature set has not yet been matched by any subsequent outliner; for a bad example see what Microsoft did with the notion (sigh).

Simple one, I think - maybe already there, I’m still trying to find all the info:

A way to import the HELP into the application so it can be searched and looked at like  any other morass of text.

Add a way to import changes/additions to the HELP from these forums etc. as approved by Devon, and you’ll have a powerhouse tool.

Online Help in Mac OS is execrable, to put it kindly, and web-based help is pretty much useless some of the time, for anyone who wants to actually use a portable wherever they happen to be.

Being able to import latest help right into the application would be both a help and a good illustration of the idea of what the application is good for.

We’ve already considered this and this will probably come but this has a low priority at the moment. So stay tuned.