Feature requests


Just purchased DTpersonal as part of the MacHeist bundle and am becoming aware of the opportunities it presents. However, I have come across three wee things that niggle me.

  1. When right-clicking and choosing New Group from the CM the new group is created in the currently selected subdirectory, and not in the directory the cursor was hovering over when the right-click was initiated. I’d like to suggest the latter become the default. (I come across this same problem when creating new rows and columns in NeoOffice, and /boy/ it’s annoying :wink: )

  2. When dragging folders from right-to-left across the columns in column mode, with the intent of moving them further up the heirarchy, the window doesn’t scroll when the cursor reaches the edge, as it does in the Finder. This would be a very welcome change.

  3. Newly pasted icons do not scale the way they do in the Finder. For example, I’ve changed the icons on my indexed media directories to represent the appropiate media format, and they don’t scale up in Show Details mode, as the default folder icon does. At a guess I’d say they remain at 64x64px.

Other than these three things, I’m currently very pleased with my purchase.


SiR G.

PS: Running DT personal 1.9.8 on OS X 10.3.9.

EDIT: Sorry, thought of another: any chance you could include a capacity to index the contents of archives (eg. zip, tar, dmg)?