Feature: Reveal in group pane

When viewing an item by clicking oin the ‘See Also’ in the Classify pane, or by following a link in another item, if would be great if you could ‘reveal’ in the group pane where that item is located by ‘jumping’ to and selecting that group in the group pane.

thanks for the suggestion! Assuming that the group gets selected in the Groups panel, what do you want to do afterwards?

Usually it’s because I want to look at other items contained in that group-- by revealing and selecting that group (in the three-pane view), I can quickly look at those other documents. Another thing I’d like to do, once it’s revealed, move it-- something you can’t do from when clicking on a document from the ‘See-Also’

That’s exactly what the current reveal implemention should support.

Great! Then I think we are done :slight_smile:

Not sure I know about the ‘Reveal’ menu option when I suggested this.