Feature: saved 'view'

The ability to save a column setup (which columns are shown, their order, width, current sort order) to a named view that you can then easily switch to.

For example, when I’m looking at emails I need certain columns shown, but when I’m looking at a feed, I like different columns shown.

Maybe it’s possible (or could be) to use the Template feature to create named views?

I haven’t used the templates at all-- but they look like they are for creating new items/groups/structures? I don’t have a dummy database to play with on this machine (work machine), so can’t experiment right now-- anyone out there used the templates and can weigh in?

Actually, I took my first look at templates after seeing your post. It didn’t seem like they’d currently be usable for “named views” but I was still curious if there might be a possible future connection between the two. Using your examples, you might have “email” and “feed” templates as starting points for configuring corresponding groups/views with desired columns and other attributes. Maybe a saved/named view could be a new category of template instead of something distinct.

Isn’t this fixed yet? I’ve added a column, but I don’t want it out of sight on the right edge. I drag it to between the third and fourth column and it doesn’t stay. And there’s no way to save the order. This is too expensive of a program not to be able to do this simple thing.

I can’t replicate the issue here. Adding/removing/reordering columns is persistent on10.8.x and 10.9.