Feature Suggestion: Custom Metadata

I understand there have been requests previously to create custom metadata limited to a particular database and the reason why that is not possible and instead custom metadata is always global. That makes sense for the reasons stated.

That said, if one uses this feature regularly then the result can be a significant number of custom metadata fields that are not needed for a given document and thus can make it harder to focus on the fields required for a given use case.

Would it be possible to create either folders or categories or some way of either grouping or hiding custom metadata so that it is easier to sort out which fields are being used actively in a given database?

Not without some considerable modifications under-the-hood.

Any suggestions for a workaround that does not require a change to the code?

You are a victim of your own success with this feature. Or else I am getting carried away with it. (Or probably both.)

No, there are no workarounds for it. Custom metadata is global at this time.

Or else I am getting carried away with it.

And yes, that’s likely. :stuck_out_tongue:

For Templates which refer to either Properties or Custom Metadata placeholders, are those the Properties/Custom Metadata of the current Group (if so, do you have to highlight the group from inside the parent group?). Or are they properties/custom metadata of a highlighted document?