Feature suggestion: have annotation panel show bolded text

I was just working on a document in Google Docs, and it make me think of a feature for DevonThink.

Google Docs has a feature “show document outline”, which shows a clickable list of all of the headings in the document. DT’s annotation panel does something similar with all of the highlighted text in an RTF doc. It would be useful if the panel could also show all text that has been bolded, underlined, etc.

Thanks for the suggestion! Sounds like a job for the table of contents inspector actually which supports already PDF, EPUB and Markdown, by the way.

True, good location.

The trick with RTF docs would be what to consider headings.

I suggested bold and underlined text because that’s my default (to make H1 headings i use BOLD ALL CAPS, for H2 I use Bold text, for H3 I use Underlined text).

The next release will support this but will just list the headlines, butnot nest them as that’s probably quite different for each user.

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