Feature suggestion: "Private" groups

In Microsloth OneNote, one can password protect a given folder and its contents. Contents aren’t encrypted, but it does require a password to view the contents of that session. Such a feature would be very welcome in DT.

I’ve seen suggestions for encryption, which would also be a fine addition, but this is a more limited request. Not something to hide my financial data behind, but to keep something like a list of private to-do’s or a list of questions for an upcoming doctors appointment. Not secret, just not anyone else’s business.

Thanks for the great product and for considering user input as you do.

Thank you for the suggestion, we’ll consider this for v2.

Here’s another vote for this suggestion. It would be very nice to protect anyone from viewing specific groups contents!
Hope it will be implemented…

Thirded! I’d really like the ability to further protect parts of my database