Feature: typewriter scrolling (again 😀)

This has been requested more than once over the years, of course (I think the first one was in 2009, and I contributed to a thread about it in 2014 and so on), but I thought it was worth bringing back again.

Why? Because the recent (very welcome — thanks!) improvements in markdown editing in DT3 mean that it’s now a much more viable alternative to using an external editor than it used to be.

Of course, there will always be more features in dedicated markdown editors that won’t make it into a general tool like DT3, and that’s perfectly understandable.

But typewriter scrolling is so useful (and not just for markdown — RTF editors without it are similarly too frustrating to use) that for me, including it as a toggled option in DT3 would be enough for me to use DT3 as my main editor. At the moment I don’t, because it’s so annoying to have the text abutting the bottom of the note as I type…

As an aside DT often replies to feature requests that they have not had (m)any calls for such and such… Perfectly understandable, as developer time is limited.

So, if you agree that typewriter scrolling would be beneficial as an enhancement in future, it may be useful to record that view here, so that the developers can gauge the general appetite for such a feature. (And if you don’t agree, fair enough…:grinning:)

Thanks in advance.

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Well, no promises but at least it’s on our endless to-do list :slight_smile:

I can imagine it is endless!

Thanks, Christian.

I was just wondering about getting typewriter scrolling into DT, searched here, and found this topic.

+1 for this feature!

Noted but nothing to report on this.

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